Hydrofluoric acid

Name and Synonyms:

polish:  kwas fluorowodorowy, fluorowodór
english: hydrofluoric acid, hydrogen fluoride, fluorhydric acid, hydrofluoride

Chemical formula:  HF

CAS Number:


UN Number (ONZ)


EC Number (EINECS):


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It is a colorless liquid with a sharp odor. Upon contact with moisture, including tissue, hydrogen fluoride immediately converts to hydrofluoric acid, which is highly corrosive and toxic, and requires immediate medical attention upon exposure. Concentrated acid contains about 70% HF.


HF serves as a catalyst in alkylation processes in oil refineries. Hydrogen fluoride is used in the production of aluminum and chlorofluorocarbons, and in the glass etching and chemical industries. Acute (short-term) inhalation exposure to gaseous hydrogen fluoride can cause severe respiratory damage in humans, including severe irritation and pulmonary edema. Hydrofluoric acid is widely used in the preparation of many useful fluorine compounds, such as Teflon (PTFE plastic), Freon (refrigerant), fluorocarbons, and many medications such as fluoxetine (Prozac). It is also used for many industrial purposes such as glass etching, metal cleaning, and rust removal. It is used in the semiconductor industry to clean silicon wafers.

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