Laboratory glass

We offer more than 2000 glass products.

The most important are:

Volumetric glass: flask, cylinders, burette, pipette, density bottles

All volumetric products are always calibrated as to contain (IN) or to deliver (EX). They are classified in two groups class B or class A or AS

Class a and AS carries exactly the same error and tolerance limits.

For all products class A and AS we deliver batch certificate free of charge. There is a possibility to deliver individual certificate also for a fee.

Standard glass:

  • Beakers low form
  • Erlenmeyers flask
  • bottles clear or amber
  • test tubes: neutral glass or borosilicate glass
  • funnels
  • stoppers

Distilation and filtrations joints adapters

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And more: condensers, vials, dropping bottles, desiccators, evaporating dishes, crystallization dishes

Brands: ISOLAB, Technosklo, Poulten & Graf, LABGLASS, Kavalier

We recomend our brand LABGLASS the best quality and price.

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