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In response to the various application and requirements that laboratory chemicals need to fulfill, we offer our customers a wide variety of grades for both, general and specific solvents and reagents.

General grades: Reagent, Extra Pure, Synthesis grade, Pharmacopoeia

Reagent grade

This is the most frequently used grade for laboratory analytical work and corresponds to a grade of high quality chemicals for laboratory and specialized industrial use. The range of reagent grade products includes solvents, salts, acids and bases, solutions and mixtures. Analytical methods uses for these determinations are based on standard test procedures as described in technical publications.

Extra Pure

The putrity specification are usually less strict than those of the reagent grade but are significantly higher than industrial products. Such products are preferentially used in the pharmaceutical industry, either as a reagent or as raw materials for production. The range of extra pure products includes solvents, salts, acids and bases, solutions and mixtures.

Synthesis grade

A grade of chemicals for laboratory use which includes solvents and reagents and which are used in organic synthesis and for routine research, where the higher analytical grade is not required.


Chemicals that comply with Pharmacopeial Monographies. Products comply wuth PH Eur, USP (or other pharmacopeias) indicating that their specifications meet the European or American Pharmacopoeia.

Specific Grades: UHPLC, LC-MS, HPLC: Supergradient, Gradient, Isocratic


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