Acetic acid

Name and Synonyms:

polish: kwas octowy, kwas etanowy, kwas metanokarboksylowy
english: acetic acid, ethanoic acid, Vinegar acid

Chemical formula:  C2H4O2

CAS Number:


UN Number (ONZ)


EC Number (EINECS):


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Acetic acid is a colourless liquid organic compound. It has a distinctive sour taste and pungent smell.


Acetic acid is one of the simplest carboxylic acids. It is an important chemical reagent and industrial chemical that is used in the production of plastic soft drink bottles, photographic film; and polyvinyl acetate for wood glue, as well as many synthetic fibres and fabrics. In households diluted acetic acid is often used as a cleaning agent. In the food industry acetic acid is used as an acidity regulator.

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