Phosphoric acid

Name and Synonyms:

polish: kwas fosforowy, kwas ortofosforowy(V)
english: phosphoric acid, orthophosphoric acid, phosphoric(V) acid

Chemical formula:  H3PO4

CAS Number:


UN Number (ONZ)


EC Number (EINECS):


Phosphoric acid is stored and transported in certified packages of 1000l, 30l, 20l.

Phosphoric acid is an inorganic oxygenic acid. A 75% solution is a caustic, colorless to light yellow liquid. There is no characteristic odor. Dissolves in water with heat generation. Acid vapors cause irritation of the respiratory tract. Skin contact causes chemical burns.


– in fertilizers and as a feed additive

– to rust metal

– as degreasing agent

– pH regulator

– detergent ingredient

– in soldering

– in the food industry to acidify food

– in the pharmaceutical industry to produce some medicines.

– in sugar refining for juice purification.

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