Sodium hypochlorite

Name and Synonyms:

polish:  Podchloryn sodu roztwór wodny, chloran (I) sodu 
english: Sodium hypochlorite, sodium salt of hypochlorous acid

Chemical formula:  NaOCl

CAS Number:


UN Number (ONZ)


EC Number (EINECS):


We packing sodium hypochlorite into certified packages of 1000, 30, 5l.

Sodium hypochlorite is formed by saturation of sodium hydroxide solution in water with chlorine. The product is present on the market only in the liquid form. Sodium hypochlorite has a characteristic sharp smell of chlorine and exhibits strong corrosive properties. It has a very strong biocidal function.


Biocidal function its main use is treatment of water intended for human consumption as well as disinfection of swimming pools and water intakes. Due to oxidizing properties, the product is used in the chemical industry as an oxidant of organic products in the process of chemical synthesis, such as production of semi-finished products used in the pharmaceutical industry. In everyday life, it is available on the market in the form of bleach for textile washing. Sodium hypochlorite, in combination with NaOH, forms a strong disinfectant with corrosive properties – antiformin. Antiformin is used in dentistry for rinsing root canals.

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