Salt tablets

Name and Synonyms:

polish: sól tabletkowana, tabletki solne, sól w tabletkach
english: salt-tablets

Chemical formula: NaCl 

CAS Number:


UN Number (ONZ)

Nie dotyczy. Produkt nie jest klasyfikowany jako niebezpieczny w transporcie.

EC Number (EINECS):


25 kg plastic bags.

Tablets are made from purified rock salt, which contains about 99% of sodium chloride. This is a brewed food salt that is specially formulated. It is characterized by a lower and upper cylindrical surface. It has a white color and salty taste. They dissolve in water evenly without mottling and without disintegrating into single crystals.


– Regeneration of ion exchangers,
– Regeneration of water softeners and multi-function filters.
– Water treatment systems

– Food industry
– Heating and cooling industry
– Technological processes

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